Frequently Asked Questions


I’m Maggie the Bear. All the jewelry I share with you is handmade by yours truly. 

I’ve put together some frequently asked questions to make obtaining a MtB piece a smooth process for you. Please give this FAQ a read before purchasing any of pieces. I highly recommend following along on Instagram as I tend to answer many time sensitive questions in my posts. 


How do I purchase a Maggie the Bear piece?

Due to the handmade quality of my jewelry, I am only able to present shop updates with a maximum inventory of 20 or sometimes more pieces, once a month. With every planned update, I alert my IG followers with a date and time. This targeted date will also be written in my Instagram profile bio and on my website’s homepage. I live in New England, so every update is scheduled in EST time. I do my best to have every shop update on a Sunday at 6 PM EST. Email subscribers will receive a notification of my update the day of as an extra reminder. Sometimes I offer early access codes to my shop in these emails!

Pieces for sale can sometimes sell quickly, so I recommend setting a reminder of when my update will be. On my Instagram story I will consistently provide countdowns where viewers can actively choose to receive a notification reminder the day before and day of my shop update.


Your website says everything is sold out. Can I still place an order for your jewelry?

If everything on my website is marked as sold out, then I do not have any inventory for sale. I keep my sold out listings visible so folks have a gallery of my jewelry to preview. Consider these sold out pieces an example of what may be available in my next update. In every restock, there will be sockeye salmon earrings, trout cuffs and loon earrings available in varying quantities and with unique stones. Email subscribers will receive an itemized list of pieces that will be available.


Do you accept customs/commissions?

At this time I am not taking on custom requests or commissioned pieces. I am happy to recommend anyone else who is open for customs. Sometimes this changes, and if so I will alert all followers in an Instagram post. 


Can I reserve a piece ahead of time? 

Unfortunately I cannot allow jewelry reservations. I would like everyone to have a fair chance at purchasing my work and if I allow reservations, then there would be nothing to present in my shop updates. On occasion, I will offer pre-orders for specific pieces, such as rings so you receive your perfect fit. 


What methods of payment do you accept?

You may checkout with PayPal or any major credit card through my shop. My store is hosted via Shopify, so all payments are managed through their network. My shop also offers payment installments. 


Do you accept refunds? Do you do repairs?

I do not accept refunds. Please think carefully before purchasing my work. I will happily repair any piece that arrives damaged or requires a simple fix down the line. I craft my jewelry with significant care and attention to detail, so your new jewelry should last a lifetime. However, I am a human who sometimes makes errors. Please send me an email at maggiekniffin@gmail.com if any TLC is necessary for your handmade jewelry. 


When will my order ship?

I give myself a seven day window to carefully package and mail all ready to ship items. Anything that is labeled “made to order” or “made to size” will take two weeks to craft from the day of my shop restock. I use USPS to mail out all orders and will do my best to update your order with a tracking number. Sometimes when I am at the post office, the post person breezes through the email receipt option and will only print it. It is very difficult to update 20+ orders with tracking numbers from a printed receipt. If you are curious where your order is and are worried it has gotten lost, message me and I will send you your tracking number if you have not already received it. 


Do you ship outside of the US?

Unfortunately I cannot ship outside of the US at this time. Sorry!


I’m not sure what my ring size is. Any tips?

Your ring size can easily be determined via this website: https://findmyringsize.com/


Do you ever make rings in sizes smaller than 7? Will you ever make large sizes?

Certain ring designs cannot be made into sizes smaller than 7 because it means compromising detail. For instance, my salmon bands require three salmon per ring. A size 6 or less will mean that the fish are squished together which is not pleasing to me aesthetically. I’m sorry that this is the case! However, not all rings will have this size constraint in regards to future designs, it just depends. 


I also do my best to make larger sized rings. Often times I make posts on IG asking for sizes and that is a good time to share your size.


Can you resize a ring for me? 

Most of my rings cannot be resized, especially if they feature unique stones. 


If my question isn’t answered here, can I message you on Instagram?

I do my best to respond to all inquiries on Instagram. I hope this FAQ has provided enough information, but if you need any clarification you can totally send me a direct message. You may also email me: maggiekniffin@gmail.com

I want you to know that I make space for anyone who cares enough to support my work. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you!